Tuesday, 19 June 2012

40k Type Skirmish Games!


I've been taking a look for some decent skirmish games to use my 2nd edition 40k miniatures with.

Theres the usual offerings from GW like Necromunda, Gorkamorka and even Inquisitor but I want to try out and have found the two following rules:


In the Emperors Name is a new, simple ruleset that allows one to field small forces from both the Imperium and assorted aliens. The rules are very streamlined and looks like it could work really well for quick games in the style of Song of Blades.

It does away with lots of charts and tables for the sake of simplicity and playability and is well worth a peek!

Heres a link to the IN THE EMPERORS NAME FORUM. Its a bit quiet at present but it would be good for folks to take a look, try the rules and even join the forum!


Inquisimunda is a combination of Inquisitor and Necromunda which allows players to field pretty much any force or race from the 40k universe and is fairly complex, allowing for all sorts of equipment and abilities for ones models and uses the hybrid 2nd edition 40k mechanics which many players will be used to.

Its perfect for campaign games and has a good level of indepth gameplay that really allows ones warbands to gain lots of character and includes all sorts of excellent little rules that add that extra something to the game including assassinating ones foes and personalising weaponry.

Heres a link to the INQUISIMUNDA FORUM. Again its a bit quiet so please take a look at the rules and forum!

I know theres other rulesets out there but I am going to try both these rulesets out and post a few battle reports and a bit of a review of each with its strengths and weaknesses and it also gives me the excuse to finish off some more miniatures from the lead pile!

All the best!

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  1. I enjoyed Inquisimunda lots. Having thoroughly played the poop out of Necromunda when it was first released, but little since then, I was excited as hell to get my gaming group interested in this new version. We've played twice thus far, one 5-player game and one 4-player (I GM'd both), I forgot how much fun the rules set was. But yeah, lots more involved than I remembered. Still, most of the fun was designing, collecting the mini's for and currently (still) converting and painting said minis. Nice to get away from uniform schemes on multiple models. (Just wish I wasn't the only one in my group who both has any talent to or patience for the converting and painting..... Lazy bastitches.)

    I've read through the In the Emperor's Name rules and yes, it looks a lot more streamlined than Inquisimunda. But it seems rather limited for campaigns and more geared toward a tabletop battle group than my rpg minded mates. Still, I'll see if I can't get one or two to help me try them out. If so, I'll stick up a betrep and a write up of my opinions on the game.