Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A Profusion of Projects


Well I seem to be getting a little carried away with different projects again!

I've got all the 6mm scale stuff that I have painted and am slowly working my way through my lead pile too which is real progress!

My 2nd edition 40k project is progressing nicely too as I now have enough figures to represent a decent Imperial Guard platoon and an opposing Ork Goff warband. I've discovered Inquisimunda and In the Emperors Name which will allow me to work on some small skirmish warbands along with Necromunda, Gorkamorka and even Rogue Trader and 2nd edition.

I've spent the last few days stripping paint off Orks and Guard so I can crack on with painting them and should have some progress to show in the next day or so.

I have been pondering investigating the new edition of 40k when it is released later this month but for the time I think I will be avoiding the game as I have the horrible suspicion that it just wont live up to the older editions and will be a bit of a money pit!

Next up theres the 15mm scale stuff I have been working on and once again I have actually done something for it in the form of the first half dozen Goffs. I am hoping to have them painted up in the morning and will post some pictures of the complete squad once they are done.

Finally I have been exploring the possibility of using Mantic Games plastics to cheaply collect a fantasy army. Once I have got some stuff sorted out I will be trying to play a few games using a variety of systems ranging from 2nd and 3rd edition fantasy battle to Kings of War and even Crucible and Leviathan!

I must admit although I have been flitting between projects I have really enjoyed getting back into gaming again and will be trying to catch up with some painting too so that I have some playable forces to go along with it.

Instead of simply concentrating on a single project I will be splitting my time between the following:

Imperial Guard Kill Team

As already mentioned I have enough figures to represent a full platoon of Catachans but will for the time being at least be attempting to get a kill team put together so I can try out some of the 40k inspired skirmish rules but ditching much of the Grimdark setting as its just a bit too gloomy. Instead the action will be taking place in a setting of my own creation (more of which later)

The platoon will eventually consist of 2 squads of Catachans, a Platoon Command and a veteran squad converted to be wearing mesh armour along with a vehicle or two.

Goff Ork Warband

As the classic metals are just so expensive these days I have made do with mostly plastic Orks dating from the old multi part plastics and the 2nd edition box set along with one or two metal figures to act as leaders. I will be painting them up as a raiding force for my Guard to fight against.

15mm Scale Gorkamorka

A slight detour has resulted in me sculpting up a few 15mm scale Orks which I will be using to play Gorkamorka in a smaller and more compact scale. I still need to get a few more sculpted up to round out the first warband along with a couple of 15mm scale vehicles to give me some transports and an excuse to either convert an existing vehicle or sculpt something entirely new.

Fantasy Battle

This has been a project I have had on the backburner for some years now, ever since I first worked on my old Leviathan project and I have now got the impetus to actually do something with it!

At present the plan is to collect a regiment of Dwarves and paint them up before working on some foes for them to fight and alternating between them until I have two small armies! I had been thinking of doing this project in 15mm or even 6mm scale but have settled on 28mm scale using Mantic Games figures as they are reassuringly inexpensive while retaining a decent amount of detail.

Looking at the list I realise I have plenty to keep me going for some time to come but I do feel that I want to do something constructive with my hobby time which has been neer non existant over the last 6 or 7 months.

The next few months should be interesting and hopefully will result in me actually playing some games too!

All the best!

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