Sunday, 3 June 2012

Painters Progress


Well I have finally finished some of the Catachans I had been working on:

Catachan Jungle Fighters

I now have enough to play a small skirmish with but want to crack on and paint a few more as I could do with a full squad of ten. I painted these up as a batch applying the paint to all five figures at the same time and although it proved to speed things up I must admit that I prefer painting figures individually! Of the five figures shown, four were originally very badly painted and required to be stripped of paint using Mr Muscle. I had got them from an ebay lot cheaply and was surprised by how well they cleaned up and now they look rather better!

Next up, following a rummage in my bits boxes I found an old Rogue Trader Ork so decided to paint him up too:

Bad Moon Guffbag Nosebiter

He will eventually form part of a mob that will provide some opposition to my Guard. I must admit I was surprised by how small he is as compared to the giant gorillas of modern day Orks hes nearer the size of a Gretchen! Still he has loads of character and painted up nicely despite still having some remnants of paint on him that I just couldn't budge.

Finally I managed to take a quick picture of another stand of battle armour for my 6mm project!

Battle Armour

Its originally from the clicky Mechwarrior range but painted up rather nicely and was a bit of a test colour scheme for a new force I am thinking of doing.

Looking at my progress I must admit I am rather pleased with what I have done so far as I have not only made a start on my Warhammer 40k 2nd edition project but also done something for my 6mm project and at the same time it also clears some of my lead pile!

Speaking of the lead pile heres a quick picture of what I still have to paint:

Bits Boxes

As you can see I still have plenty to be getting on with! Sadly my lead pile os much reduced following my great clearout but it does mean that the task of painting all of it is reachable! 

All the best!

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