Saturday, 9 June 2012

Warhammer 40000 6th Edition


Well its looking like the new edition of 40k will be released at the end of this month which has made me have a bit of a ponder about my project. Now I started it as a 2nd edition retrofest with some Rogue Trader, Necromunda and Gorkamorka thrown into the mix but what would happen if I actually took the plunge and branched it out to include a force that is suitable for this new edition?

2nd Edition

For a start I suspect I would actually have more of a chance to play games as at present I lack any opponents at all. This is a bit of a double edged sword though as I really dont want to end up playing against pimply youths with ubercheese armies of unpainted plastic or fanatical tournament players for who winning is all that matters.

Instead I want to play against like minded types who want to enjoy the game and have fun collecting, painting and converting stuff to end up with a force that has character! I suspect for this I may have to try visiting some of the local clubs to see whether I can actually achieve the impossible!

Another consideration is in order though, that of price. GW is rather notorious for hiking their prices regularly and I was shocked to see that the starter force boxes which originally retailed for £45-£60 have skipped up to a whopping £80 and that is just for a couple of units and a vehicle which is small beer with the new editions which encourage larger forces (earning GW more pennies of course!) To a certain extent this can be sidestepped by using discount resellers such as Waylands Games and Maelstrom Games or perusing eBay but no doubt GW will be releasing some new and shiny figures that make all the previous ones obsolete.

I spoke to a chap at the MCM in London last month who claimed to work for GW and we got to chatting after he spotted me selling a pile of old White Dwarf magazines and if what he is saying it sounds like background wise at least, Games Workshop may finally move the story on a bit.

If rumour is to be believed the Emperor has finally died and several of the Space Marine primarchs have reappeared while the last of the Sensei, or true descendants of the Emperor is being hunted by the Inquisition so that he can be killed and the Emperor be reborn.

The Emperor of Mankind

While I take such rumours with a gigantic pinch of salt, it would be interesting to see where this new and earthshaking change of events could mean for the Imperium. I do believe its high time GW did something with their setting as 25 years of increasingly Grimdark background needs to be moved on a bit. Sadly if events unfold as expected I suspect things will look even more grim for humanity in the 40k universe.

I am going to wait and see and may take the plunge if the starter box is good enough, by the sounds of it the box will contain Chaos v Space Marines so I could always use them as 2nd edition fodder if the rules turn out to be pap. It may also be a good time to pick up Assault on Black Reach as folks ditch the previous edition for the new and shiny one. As it contains a ton of Space Marines, a Dreadnaught, loads of Orks and even some Deffkoptas it may actually be worth the effort!

Yes it means getting newer figures but at the same time I doubt it will matter too much in the grand scheme of things!

All the best!

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