Thursday, 21 June 2012

Stuff From the Leadpile 2


Heres the latest batch of figures I have finished for an assortment of projects.

First up theres a couple of members of two of the retinues I have been working on for some 2nd edition 40k and Necromunda type skirmishes!

The Catachans have a scout for their kill team. Admittedly he's a crew member for a heavy weapon but I like the pose and expression of the guy and with a little warpaint and tattoos he looks rather decent.

 Catachan Kill Team Scout

Next up theres a pit slave for my Adeptus Mechanicus. She's another of the Ramshackle Games miniatures I have had kicking around for a while and although the sculpting and proportions are a bit rough, she's got loads of character and is a perfect addition to the retinue of Mechanicus.

Adeptus Mechanicus Pit Slave 

Next up I have been rummaging out some Dwarves and Gobbo's so I can get some skirmishes played in Farpoint too! I have a few older figures kicking around and will be painting them up as and when I get chance. I dont have the funds to collect entire armies of old school goodness but I can still stretch to betting one or two as and when I can!

First up theres an old Heartbreaker Dwarf Crossbowman. I have a real fondness for this guy as he's the same sculpt as one of the first figures that ever had!

 Dwarven Crossbowman

Next up theres one of the old Fantasy regiments plastic Goblins. Its odd but they are better sculpts than many of the newer plastic figures out there! I usually paint my Orcs and Goblins brown or yellow but for the proper old school vibe, I've gone for the traditional Green!

Goblin Archer

I have found that painting some 28mm scale figures incredibly relaxing, especially after a very stressful few months in real life. Its been rather therapeutic to say the least and I think I will be carrying on with it as it seems to be about the only thing keeping me sane at present!

I should have a few more bits and bobs finished over the next few days including a couple more Adeptus Mechanicus figures and some Dwarves and possibly even the genesis of a Cybertronic force!

I've been following a rather interesting thread over on LEAD ADVENTURE about Warzone and I've been wondering about doing something similar myself as the Warzone factions would make a brilliant addition to a campaign using Inquisimunda or In the Emperors Name. Imagine an Inquisitorial investigation team featuring some Brotherhood figures or a Megacorp raiding team or even a Dark Legion cell!

I have a fair number of figures from a number of manufacturers in my bits box which would do for several different forces and once I have got everything painted I can always pick up a few more bits and bobs whenever I feel the need. I have come to the opinion that I am unsuited to choosing a single project and better off just painting what I enjoy. Its something I have done from my earliest days of gaming and its been a bit of a trip down memory lane as I reacquaint myself with some of the miniatures I had when I was but a youth!

As I have been enjoying the process so much I have decided to try and try and pick up some of the old figures I have sold off (rather stupidly) over the years. Fortunately most of these figures are still in production or available cheaply online so its not going to cost too much.

All the best!

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