Friday, 8 June 2012

15mm Scale Orks!


Well I've finished the first Goff Ork Nobs for my 15mm scale project!

Goff Orks

The on the left is a Nob while the one on the right is a Bigboss and they will be forming some of my Warbosses bodyguard! I'm hoping to have the rest finished today as well as the Warboss himself.

In other news I have also finished another Catachan for my Imperial Guard force:

Catachan Sergeant

Looking at my gaming space I do think I am getting a bit carried away with the project as I really dont have space to store them, let alone game them but am keen to finish the platoon and orkish foes none the less!

For gaming purposes I suspect I am going to work on getting the rest of my 15mm scale Orks done as I am more likely to be able to actually get some games in and as such am going to start by making the current Goff force a Gorkamorka one so I can play some games without spending too long sculpting!

All the best!

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  1. Love what you are doing and I have a real soft spot for first and second ed. 40k as well. Still have various bits and pieces I never let go of.

    For you 15mm project, if you want a good proxy for the Eldar, or a good base to sculpt from, try the Blue Moon Miniatures - Universalist Command -

    Its a great proxy NotEldar set of figs. the Orion Republic Heavy Infantry is also a great starting point for Marines in 15mm.