Wednesday, 1 January 2014

What About Farpoint?


Well my Aeroth project seems to be off to a good start and its fantastic to re-explore the gubbins I scribbled down a few years back when I originally attempted gaming Leviathan.

What of Farpoint though? Looking back at my original post for this blog, I get the decided impression that I didn't know what I wanted to do with it back then either and its floated aimlessly on for almost two years in a similar manner!

Looking at my rather inept attempts at painting and collecting over the intervening time, I must admit the stand out figures have been the varied assortment of Epic stuff I painted all the way back in 2012!

I dont know why, but they strike a bit of a chord with me, harking back to the halcyon days of high school and Epic where vast armies of tiny, unpainted plastic men and tanks fought desperate battles for cardboard towerblocks.

The amount of detail and speed of painting combine to provide a very satisfying finish without having to spend hours slaving over each model and as I have literally hundreds of the little fellows, I think I am going to spend a little time in 2014 painting up some more.

Sadly Epic has already become the preserve of the hardcore collector and bargains are nigh on impossible to come by these days but I reckon I have enough to play around with and I have a hankering to play out some larger scale battles.

I doubt there will be many huge games played but I do want to complete a couple of battle companies to shoot each other up and I am very keen to represent some more of the classic Marine Chapters such as the Blood Angels, Dark Angels and Spacewolves as time allows. Handily I have about fifty rhinos and goodness knows how many tactical marines sat in a box in the flat somewhere so I don't foresee having to spend much to complete the project!

Rules wise, I am not too sure at present. The old 2nd edition of Space Marine is seen as many as a classic but I have always been fond of the much maligned Epic 40000 as its streamlined rules were so simple and playable! 

Having perused my unpainted boxes of bits, I find that I actually have enough gubbins to get several forces put together for each of the main races, including Squats and Chaos which is nice.

The one thing that the project is missing is the large titans and metal vehicles that GW released over the years but for the most part I'm not too unhappy about giving them a miss as the prices on Ebay for even the most common are frankly preposterous!

Handily, the 6mm scifi market is awash with far more recent, and most of the time more reasonably priced stuff that will make do as proxies so I don't find myself bemoaning the fact I can't get a decent Eldar Bright Stallion or Towering Destroyer!

It may be a bit of a slow process as I suspect my gaming time is going to be at a premium and Aeroth will be taking up the lions share of it but I do think it would be rather fun to continue painting something a bit different to keep me entertained and stop me burning out!

Another quick peruse through the last couple of years of posts also reveals that another, potentially equally entertaining mini project has been overlooked in the form of my Orks!

While the possibility of painting up a huge collection of the greenskinned menaces is frankly not on the cards, I do wonder if I can find the time to paint up enough to represent a couple of warbands to play some Gorkamorka type game but with proper clans of Goffs, Badmoons, Snakebites, Deathskullz, Evil Sunz, Renegades and Gretchen too!

Needless to say much of what I hope to do will fall by the wayside as the perils of Real Life intrude but I do hope to give it a go!

All the best!

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  1. Those projects sound like great fun. I love that epic tower/marker!