Thursday, 9 January 2014

Thoughts on Aeroth Terrain


I've been looking back over my old Leviathan blog and am rather taken with some of the concepts I was developing before giving up.

One of the immediately noticeable differences between Aeroth and say, the Warhammer world is that I have tried to steer clear of the typical fantasy fare where most games are set in a faux medieval western European world. I really want to introduce a more visually appealing type of game to be playing, populated by a mixture of deserts, mesas, rock outcrops and all manner of desert flora.

Along side this I have vaguely remembered notions of some more exotic terrain, be it obsidian pillars, strange vegetation or whatever suitably warped and unusual stuff I can think of and looking at some of my old photos, theres plenty to be getting on with!

Mesas, Crystal Deposits and Implausible, Floating Trees!  

Sadly, I think I had to chuck out most of my terrain when I moved house from Worcester to Portsmouth so I will have to start from scratch but at least have lots of pictures, notes and scribbles to be going on with.

Polished Obsidian Rock Piles

I must admit I have ranted in the past about my obsession with creating some more original and interesting scenery elements that better reflect a world devastated by an apocalyptic release of wild magic but must admit that having my own man cave makes the possibility of actually producing some of it a bit more likely!
I think I need to have a peruse of the likes of Terragenesis for some inspiration and then have a bash at making something for my Dwarves and Orcs to fight over!

In other news, I have decided to cheat slightly with my project! Instead of sculpting and casting everything myself, I have ordered some of the Demonworld gubbins from Ral Partha Europe to allow me to actually get some stuff painted up for each race and allow campaign season to actually start in a more timely fashion. I still plan on sculpting up all manner of bits and bobs to represent specific characters and lots of monsters too!

I've ordered the following stuff to get me going:

 Northern Barbarians

 Goblin Hunters

 Dwarven Veterans

Orc Marauders

I realise the concept isn't quite as I'd envisioned but with the application of a little putty, they should all look the part! The Dwarves will be getting tusked helmets for example and the Goblins will be getting lots of feather head dresses while the Orcs will be getting the traditional fur hats added.

Hopefully by using this approach, I will be able to field some small raiding parties by the end of January or early February with games to follow. I will also post a mini review of the forces when they arrive. You may notice that the Elves are currently missing but I need to flesh out their background before buying any!
In 6mm news, I have almost finished a second Horned Folks base and will be rummaging out my lino boards to take some decent pictures of the force as it slowly expands!

All the best!

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