Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Wargaming Aeroth


Well its January 2014 at last and Aeroth is slowly coming to life and I am literally snowed under with ideas, concepts, locations and creatures I want to include but I have found a slight stumbling block to my ambitions.

The main problem being that theres just not any miniatures out there that really match the concept I have in my head. While 28mm scale has literally tens of thousands of miniatures to choose from, none of them quite match up to the tech savvy Dwarves or brutish Mongul inspired Orcs. 15mm scale is even worse as the selection is sadly limited, a situation that's quite surprising considering just how popular 15mm scifi has been over the last couple of years.

The only real solution I can think of is to sculpt my own! Several years ago I sculpted up the Boar Company in 15mm and had great fun doing so:

 Grimli, Flint and the Boar Company

 Battle Rager and Crossbow Wielding Scout

I must admit that looking back, they are a tad rough and ready sculpt wise, but I really enjoyed getting them finished and painted. This is how I visualise my Dwarves when I write about them and similarly I don't see Orcs as green skinned gorillas, instead they are more like these fellows:

Orcish Horde!

The problem has been the time it takes to sculpt each individual figure and paint them has made collecting up a decent sized army impossible but if I were to sculpt and get the little chaps cast, I could field many more and even the odd warbeast!

This may result in my initial progress being rather slow on my blog but having given it some serious thought, I just can't seem to shake the idea! While the sculpting and casting is underway, I hope to continue fleshing out the background and its assorted inhabitants. 

To recoup the cost of getting some figures cast, I hope to offer some excess up for sale if folks are interested but this isn't going to be a business venture by any means. I am also going to be having a clearout of all my remaining 28mm scale stuff as looking at it, nothing I have really suits Aeroth...

I must admit I am also stepping away from the Leviathan setting and developing my own post apocalyptic fantasy world as Aeroth bears little resemblance to the old Grendel game and the Leviathan rules are being discarded too in favour of No Quarter, a freely available ruleset that is really excellently written and exhaustively playtested!

Hopefully folks won't mind my casual discarding of game, setting and even scale as I continue to rework Aeroth into a proper fantasy setting. If anyone has any suggestions, I am more than happy to consider them and incorporate them too and if anyone fancies using the setting in their own games, all the better! 

All the best and happy new year!

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