Sunday, 12 January 2014

Human Rabble and More Horned Folk


Well a day off from work has been well spent by getting some painting done. While waiting for my Ral Partha order to turn up, I had a rummage through my 15mm bits boxes and found the remains of my old Crucible project and thought that it would be a bit of a waste not to use them in my Aeroth one.

 Human Rabble

I must admit I haven't put much thought into the human population of Aeroth, other than the untamed Barbarians of the far north but these chaps do look rather good and will be forming the basis for the inhabitants of the settlement of Pinecliff, ably ruled by the Skylark family.

Shield Detail

The miniatures themselves are Demonworld with a couple of conversions by myself. I believe Werner Klocke sculpted the range originally and he's put amazing amounts of detail on the little chaps, including eyes, eyelids and even tiny fingernails!

I still have another seven to paint up and need to rummage out the swordsmen too but I also have a couple of medium warbeasts for them to use and it will allow me to begin expanding my background to the Western reaches of the Axeblade Mountains too.

Next up, I managed to get a stand of Horned Folk and Beastkin finished too so my 6mm force is beginning to take shape:

Horned Folk Progress

During my bits box rummaging I found a load of Irregular Miniatures 6mm fantasy stuff including a fairly large lesser Goblin force (the same figures as I showed earlier but handily unpainted and unbased)

Lesser Goblins

These will allow me to create a decent sized tribe of free Goblins which should be fun. Theres also a good sized force of Orcs and even some Elves and a couple of Dwarven Wargolems to boot so I have plenty to keep me entertained and my Aeroth project is really beginning to build up steam.

My next objective will be to see about getting some terrain done. I have found a large stash of old till roll tubes that I have been saving from work over the last twelve months which will be getting turned into a larger version of the basalt columns that can be seen above and I also want to try my hand at making some cacti and hardy trees too so I can start making the world a bit more interesting.

 Tribal Goblin Sacred Rock Site

Some is going to be rather easy to produce as I have a fair amount of pebbles and rocks kicking around as well as bits of foam and so on but I think making some of the vegetation is going to be a bit more complex as I want to avoid going for the usual hobby approach of using the rather fake looking Train set type of trees which bear no resemblance to any form of wild vegetation!

 Desert Vegetation

I'm also fascinated by the colours of the desert and a post apocalyptic fantasy one means I can really push the boat out and create something a bit special!

Hardy Desert Tree

Hopefully I will be able to get some more updates onto the blog this week expanding the setting and its inhabitants and maybe even one or two more miniatures!

All the best!

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  1. Nice painting on those little guys.
    Looking forward to what you come up with for terrain. That bent over (Joshua?) tree has me thinking of something using a cardboard toilet tube and an old loofa.