Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Slann Warband Part 2


Well I was pleasantly surprised to find my parcel of Frogs arrived from East Riding Miniatures this morning and after a quick unboxing, I've taken a quick pic to show the unpainted warband in all its froggish glory:

 The Slann Warband!

Looking at the figures themselves, the pictures from East Ridings website really don't do them justice as the sculpts are really very nice! Alas as with so many 15mm ranges, there is only two poses for each unit type but I am going to be spending a few hours adding small details like head dresses, feathers and loincloths to give the units a bit more variety.

I've settled on one unit of swords Slann with a banner bearer and champion and a unit of archers. The warband will be led by the tribes warchief who currently is holding a staff with a beetle on it but will be getting some proper Aztec headgear added soon!

I was thinking of painting the whole lot green but am quite tempted to go for a warmer yellow/orange finish such as this:

Four A Gremlin

Hopefully I should have the conversions out of the way by the weekend and will be able to get on with painting soon!

All the best!

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