Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Horned Folk Test Pieces


Well I finally finished painting up some test pieces for my Horned Folk army in 6mm scale!

First up theres my Horned Folk character stand, in this case a couple of old Epic Minotaurs, one of which has had his axe replaced with a banner:

 Horned Folk Character Stand

The idea is to make the characters immediately recognisable from a distance and as they are going to average from 6-10mm tall, this requires a nice big standard.

Next up some Beastkin, the Horned Folks regular soldier caste, again proxied by some old Epic Beastmen:

Beastkin Stand

As the Horned Folk are from the ancient past of Aeroth, I wanted to give them a sense of age so the figures wield bronze weapons and their banners are old and crusty looking too and I must admit I quite like the effect.

Looking through my bits boxes, I have enough to field eight stands of Beastkin and six of Horned Folk which will give me a decent core force. The next step will be to sculpt up some warbeasts for them to ride round on and add a pleasing focal point to the army!

Finally, I finished painting an Orc last week when I first started this blog and the result was what decided me on the 15mm/6mm approach:

Orc Berzerker

Looking at the photo, he's not too bad but I spent absolutely AGES on him and the result still isn't up to the standard I'd like. Maybe it was the use of a white undercoat rather than my usual black but I just can't see the point of putting so much effort into painting one figure when I could be working through three or four 15mm or a couple of bases of 6mm instead with far more pleasing results!

Hopefully my next post will feature a few more completed bases of Horned Folk and maybe even a warbeast or two!

All the best!

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