Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A Problem of Warbeasts and Warengines


Well I have the morning off work so I've spent my time rummaging around through my bits boxes to see if I have any more suitable stuff for either my 15mm or 6mm forces.

Happily I have indeed found some unexpected additions! For my 15mm Dwarf force, I have a couple of the master castings I received from CP Models a while back:

Forge Guard

I sculpted them up some time ago and sold them on but CP Models kindly sent me one of each! I plan on buying a few more of the fellows to convert as they turned out quite nicely!


They've been sat painted but unbased for quite a while now so I figured it might be handy to get them finished and will post some pics of them tomorrow.

CP Models also bought my Carnosaurs, who will be getting some re-enforcements soon too, both as wild monstrous creatures but also acting as mounts for my Tribal Goblins:


Further rummaging located me several more bits and bobs which are currently getting based and ready to paint, including a squadron of Wargolems for my Dwarves in 6mm scale, ably proxied by some Mage Knight Metal Golems:

The Smallest Golem they produce looked good for a decent sided construct in 15mm scale but far more imposing in 6mm. Handily I have three of them so once they've been painted, I will have some good hard hitting assault units for my Dwarves!

Speaking of which, I'm quite tempted by their other offerings too:

 Steam Golem

Storm Golem

With a little work, I can foresee either of these sculpts making quite nice heavy and assault Wargolems!

Speaking of which, I have been pondering the possibility of fielding some larger warbeasts in my 15mm scale gaming so I can play out some larger skirmishes as well as the more warband based games and have run into a bit of a wall with locating suitable proxy miniatures for some of the races. 

Ironically the Dwarves are spoiled for choice as theres lots of from the likes of Privateer Press for Wargolem proxies, especially the likes of Khador:

Imagine one of these monsters in 15mm scale and handily, the axe and stubby legs make them perfect for a Dwarven inspired metal behemoth!

Similarly, Black Hat has some really excellent 15mm scale steamtanks:

With minimal conversion work, both of these could easily be incorporated into the Technomancer Guild expeditions and shouldn't be too difficult to use to represent any of the common Dwarven tank designs, be it the Thunderhammer, Iron Drake or Rapier.

For the likes of the Orcs though, pickings are a little bit thinner but I did spot these chaps who might do as smaller warbeasts for my Orcs to ride into battle on:

Imagine Having an Orc hanging onto the back of one of them! I suspect theres going to have to be a considerable amount of googling go on until I find something suitable for their larger warbeasts or I am going to have to sculpt them myself!

Needless to say, if anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them as my Aeroth project begins to gear up in preparation of the upcoming campaign season when the snows melt and the Orcs once again attack up the Axebite pass!
All the best!

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