Thursday, 16 January 2014

An Interesting Proposition!


Whiskey Priest over on The Leadpile has been musing about how to get folks interested in Oldhammer and has come up with a really interesting proposal.

The full article can be read HERE but the general gist is to try and get a group of likeminded folks to start a small force each of approximately 21 figures (two small units and a character) and instead of using the traditional and often expensive Oldhammer figures, to use either something thats still available or bought ridiculously cheaply.

From here the aim would be to get all the gamers together at some point and play a game or two. While I doubt I'd be able to make it down for a game, I must admit the idea is a rather good one and it may encourage me to actually paint up my 28mm stuff rather than flinging it on ebay for pennies.

I'm off to have a rummage now and will see what stuff I have kicking around and see if I can cobble a force together with it and get on with some painting!

Updates to follow!

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