Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Epic Additions!


Well work continues with getting the place sorted out but our workroom now includes our living room and looks fantastic and my work station is looking the tidiest its ever been which is fantastic. Now if we can get the rest of the flat looking this good, we will be overjoyed (sadly much of the stuff that was in the workroom is now festooned around the rest of the flat!)

Still I have managed to find a little time to get some of the assorted bits and bobs I have had kicking around half finished for ages done:

Terminator Proxies!

Being as getting the original plastic Terminators for Epic has become stupidly expensive, I bought some of Brigade Models rather excellent 6mm scale power armour a while back and painted them up. Sadly they languished near completed for over a year until yesterday evening when I finally finished them!

The miniatures themselves are nice and chunky and ooze character and I painted the helmets a tad differently by adding vision slits and cutting the head/chestplate in two. Handily at this scale I did it with paint rather than laboriously converting them. While not identical to the originals, they do have the heavy, lumbering menace that you want in tactical Dreadnaught armour!

Space Marine Detachment 

Here they are with some other Marine assets and you have to agree they really dominate the battlefield. I think with a bit of work, they would make excellent Ork Nobs too!

Next up, my Squats have had some fast moving support finished off! Again they were sat almost completed for untold ages until I rummaged them out again!

Squat Bikers, the terror of many an Epic Space Marine game...

I am really pleased that the little chaps are done as I remember a game of Epic I played at high school where a company of them assaulted a Warlord Titan in close combat and took it to pieces.

Sadly I have plenty of infantry, bikes and light artillery but no proper vehicles so I suspect I will need to proxy some stuff together for them as and when I get the chance but I do like the look of them so far.
 Squat force thus far

I don't know if I would go for the usual Squat land trains and massive war engines or provide them with some more modern kit but we shall see (I think I spotted a Battletech 100 ton tank in my bits box the other day so will see how it looks alongside the stunties!)

Handily I have finished a bunch more terrain so took the opportunity to pose a bit of a scene with my Squats being ambushed by Space Marines on one of the distant frontier worlds of the Farpoint sector:

 Space Marines ambush a Squat convoy

I don't plan on playing vast battles with my forces, not least because I just don't have the space for a large playing surface but do hope to play out some games soon. I am thinking of using Gruntz and Future War Commander to begin with before experimenting with some of my varied catalogue of rulesets so watch this space!

Test Piece for a new batch of terrain, the Firepine

I am quite enjoying the combination of terrain making and figure painting and have to admit that I've not been this productive for years so long may it last!

As previously mentioned, I have been cracking on with scenery making and have now used all of the polystyrene eggs I got from Hobbycraft to create a goodly amount of fungal forests. The picture below contains about £2.00 worth of materials to put together:

Fungal Forest!

I even used some glitter glue to jazz it up a little and quite like the effect, even if the glue has deflated from the rather better spheres it originally had but as an experiment, it looks rather fun in a sort of Star Trekky sort of way!

Lastly, my fantasy gubbins haven't been forgotten, I have found my old 6mm scale village and tarted it up a bit with some putty work and am quite pleased with how its turned out:

Horned Folk settlement

I hope to add to the 6mm painting fun over the coming week, be it in the form of more Epic goodness or more fantasy additions including a bit of a sneek peek of some primed stuff on my workbench:

So Tidy!!

I have also got a dropship underway for 15mm scale (on my bookshelf to the left!) which needs a fair amount of conversion work but once its done, it will make a rather fun objective or terrain element for my games!

Till then, All the best!


  1. These tinies look amazing! And so tempting!
    Is original Epic game worthy any attention? I was born too late to play it when it was still available.

  2. So cool! I really love these! I have a little bunch of minis back from 3rd Ed, they need some love. Glad to see there's still somebody doing Epic!

  3. I've a pile of epic stuff, a full company nearly, I'd never thought of basing them but you have me convinced