Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Horned Folk Behemoth


Here's the first of the trio of Horned Folk Behemoth's I converted over the weekend:


Originally there's an old Irregular Miniatures 15mm scale Rhino under a coat of greenstuff. It took a lot of work to get it looking right but I am really pleased with how it turned out. I especially like the expressions I managed to get onto the Howdah crew.


I was originally going to make the crew Horned Kin, somewhat akin to Beastmen but I ended up sculpting the little fellows up a bit on the large side so they are now full on Horned Folk instead!

 Shield Detail

I was going to paint the Behemoth a more chocolate brown but thought it would all look a bit dull so went for a more straw brown/yellow mix and the addition of the turquoise shields add a bit more variety.

 Eat Bronze Spear!

Hopefully I will get the remaining two done over the course of this week which will really give my Horned Folk warband a hard hitting addition.

Dwarven Wargolem versus Horned Folk Behemoth!

Now I have some medium Warbeasts, I need to see about adding some heavies. I plan on converting some Mammoths to provide myself with some proper combat monsters at some point in the future but for the time being, I need to finish painting up the stuff I have still got kicking around.

In other news, I have rummaged out my unpainted Squats and with a rough bit of calculation, its looking like I have enough for a total of 8 Warriors, 6 Berzerkers, 4 Thunderers and an assortment of bikes, trikes, thudd guns and mole mortars. What I am a bit short of is Hearthguard and Exo Armour so will need to get hold of them to provide me with a decent command element to lead my forces but we shall see what else I can find in my bits boxes...

All the best!

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