Sunday, 8 March 2015

6mm Squats and More!


Well its the last day of my holiday but before I return to work, I have taken some photos of my latest additions to my 6mm scale projects:

 Squat Force with Command

Yes, my Squats now have a proper command stand in the form of a Guildmaster in Exo Armour riding a trike! I've not quite finished painting the foot version yet but hope to have a bash at getting him done this evening.


Looking at the photo of the flag, its still looking a bit rough so I may go back and rework it a little so it looks suitably neat and more in-keeping with the other command stands I have done.

 Command Stands

I must admit that they look suitably imposing and really make the command stands readily identifiable at 6mm scale. After getting the command elements sorted out, I hope to add some much needed troops and armour to each detachment and possibly even a heavier war engine or two!

Its not all Squats, Ultramarines and Chaos renegades though. Quite a while back, I painted up a couple of stands of Space Wolves to see how they would turn out and with the idea of giving them a very different base from the rest of my miniatures as not all the action on Farpoint takes place in the arid badlands, there's frozen tundra, steaming jungles and all sorts so I thought it might be a plan to give me some options.

Space Wolf Hunters

I mixed together some snow effect stuff that I picked up from Hobbycraft during their sale a few years back and blobbed some on to the basic base. I think its turned out quite well and am thinking of adding a little drybrush of white to the static grass to finish it off. It's still largely in the same style as the rest of my basing though so shouldn't look too out of place if I use it for different locations.

Its not all been scifi though! Here's the completed test piece for my Grey Elf warband:

 Grey Elf Sprearmen

They are originally Irregular Miniatures Wood Elves with new wire spears and new arms to hold them. Yes they are now quite chunky but they are most unlikely to bend if you even look at them. I am quite heartened with how well they turned out so am busily hacking up several more to give me a decent warband of spearmen, archers and even some power lances as well as a chariot or two for some mobile hitting power...

Interestingly, I am also beginning work on painting up some 28mm scale Eldar Guardians too as I slowly but surely work through my leadpile!

Anyhow, I am off out for the day and this evening is going to be spent working on some commissions so for the time being, All the best!


  1. Loving those epic space wolves mate, I would like to see a few more of those on the table top

  2. Really beautiful and incredible work! And that great terrain really sets off the minis very nicely!