Monday, 9 March 2015

And Then There Were Two...


Back from work again but managed to grab some quick pictures of my latest additions in the form of a new Eldar Guardian and a few bits and bobs:

 The Original, left and the new addition, right

I changed the recipe a little to speed things up and am really pleased with the finish, especially the smooth finish I managed to get on both the red and white and may have to paint the rest of the pointy hatted ones I have as I get chance!

The red armour was a base coat of Vallejo bright red with a little bit of highlighting and then a couple of layers of a mystery red glaze that I got third hand when I was at high school and must be quarter of a century old Citadel but still does the business!

Here's a quick shot of my assorted Eldar for Epic and 40k:

 Little and Large

I must admit that the scattergun approach to painting seems to have really paid off for me as I don't think I've been this productive in years. It is also meaning I am slowly but surely chipping away at my lead mountain (more of a low hill or big heap now) and it seems to have done the trick in keeping me entertained and engaged without suffering the terrors of burnout!

Lastly, here's my Grey Elf commander:

Marching under the sign of the Silver Phoenix

The miniature is Irregular once again but I converted him a little so he could wield a powerlance. In Aeroth, the Elves have access to a upgunned version of a magic wand that can project blasts of concentrated Earthpower at considerable range.

Its looking likely that the Grey Elves are going to be the foe of choice for my Horned Folk so I will need to develop a bit of background for them as well as build some warbeasts for them to ride around on so watch this space for updates!

All the best!

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