Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Horned Folk Regiment Complete!


Just a quick post this morning before I head out to work with a couple of pictures of my Horned Folk army:

 Horned Folk Regiment

I am really pleased with how the Epic minotaurs turned out and its quite refreshing to see a completed unit of them.

Next up, here's a quick shot of the rest of the stuff in various stages of completion:

Horned Folk Army WIP

I still need an army commander and some lowly rabble to act as cannon fodder as well as some properly big warbeasts to finish off the army but it's kind of getting there! I think I will try and get the rest of my beastkin painted up this week which will give me 8 stands of regular infantry (I have five still on the sprue and not pictured!) 

I am really enjoying painting up a proper army a bit at a time like this and shock horror, I may even finish it! The next task will be to crack on with the Grey Elves and try to get a game or two in.

All the best!

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