Saturday, 7 March 2015

Epic Terrain...


Well its a really miserable day up here with strong winds and a hint of rain but it has meant that I have had chance to add to my terrain collection with some rough hills:

 A Squat force on maneuvers

Made from a sheet of cork tile I had kicking around. Handily it had already had a coat of flock added to it a while back so just needed ripping into pleasing shapes and glued together before having a coat of cheap brown paint and a few drybrushes to bring out the detail (some sections didn't even have flock on it and the texture of the cork showed through in irregular patches which oddly worked really well!) I also added a few piles of sand to blur the edges a bit.

 Squat Bikers roar across the blasted landscape

The last stage was to blob on some pva glue and lots of flock and bobs your uncle. It literally took me about half an hours work to churn them out between waiting for paint and glue to dry and I am rather pleased with how they turned out. I think I could do with adding different colours to the sand to give a bit of variation (maybe some yellows, greys and reds) but its not too bad!

The basalt pillars are made from small pipes glued to a base and lots of pva blobbed on top and flocked. It's terrain I have had for years but it was starting to look a bit sad and worn so I gave it similar treatment to the rest of my terrain and it's looking a lot better.

 Squat Thunderers and Thudd Gun 

It's interesting that this is what I always imagined Aeroth and Farpoint being like and with a bit of work, I think I could make some larger bits and bobs for 15mm scale or for larger ridges. I think I have some thick cork coasters somewhere that I picked up from a poundland some time back which will be getting similar treatment so watch this space!

 Dwarven Wargolem versus Fallen monstrosity 

At the rate I am going at I think I should have a goodly amount of terrain before too much longer and I am also plugging away at my assorted 6mm warbands so should have a decent amount of stuff to choose from for some upcoming battle reports too!

 Horned Folk raiding party

Annoyingly I seem to have loads of stuff for my Horned Folk but very little of everything else for fantasy so am going to be bodging together some bits and bobs for a Grey Elf warband from some Irregular Miniatures wood Elves I have found in the bottom of a box. They are individually cast unlike much of their 6mm fantasy so I think I can work something out for them without too much difficulty...

Horned Folk heavy infantry and Behemoth

As is always the way, I have stuff for races not really covered in the background but it may work out for the best in the long run as it will give me a bit more freedom in creating unusual forces. I have also come across a box containing a miniature Stonehenge which will make a handy place of Power for my forces to duke it out over so its not so bad after all!

I also have some more Squats on the painting table, specifically a couple of command options which I hope to get finished today and there's even the possibility of them getting a heavy tank or two on the horizon...

For the time being though, All the best!

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