Saturday, 28 February 2015

Progress Report


Well the workroom is looking far better now after a day or two's work but there's still loads to do and all the stuff we took out of it now needs sorting through and putting somewhere (even if its the bin) and its looking like we may actually finally be totally unpacked after living here for sixteen months!

In other news, I have been beavering away on some 6mm scale Horned Folk conversions and hope to have them ready to paint by the end of the weekend. I have to admit that sculpting in such a small scale is surprisingly time consuming and kudos to those who manage to do so for a living.

I took a look back through my blog and discovered to my horror that the last battle report I posted was in September 2012! Heres a LINK to the action which saw Slippery Jim diGriz and his spacefleet allies take on Angelina and her thugs in a fight over a meteorite.

The Battlefield

The shock of realising it's been over two years since I played a game and posted it here saddened me greatly, so much so that I have decided to aim to get myself sorted out and get a game in a week if I can, especially as I now have literally tons of terrain and painted figures to choose from although looking at my gubbins, I seem to have mislaid one of my board sections so will need to find it first.

We shall see what I can come up with over the course of the weekend so stay tuned!
All the best!

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