Monday, 30 March 2015

Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter


Well I am gearing up to go out to work but thought I should probably update my blog a bit as I've not had chance to get much in the way of hobby time over the last few days!

I've decided to back the new Mantic Deadzone: Infestation kickstarter as I am quite liking the look of the ratty Veer-Myn that Mantic are developing:

Ratty Menace!

As I am on a very tight budget, I am only currently backing it for the princely sum of $1 but it will mean I can pick and choose some of the gubbins they finally release and up the amount a little nearer the time they are releasing the stuff which is looking like January next year. 

I suspect that I am going to go for a few of the Veer-myn figures with the aim to collect and eventually paint up a small Necromunda sort of skirmish force to infest abandoned mining colonies or crawl spaces of spaceships.

I must admit that I am becoming rather impressed with the quality of Mantics stuff, especially the concept artwork they are releasing. Its still early days for their sci-fi stuff and it still needs lots more meat on its bones background wise, but I am becoming tempted to incorporate their figures into my own collection!

Planet Exham IV

I must admit I am not too sure about the Deadzone rules themselves having just downloaded the brief overview of them so if anyone out there has given them a bash, I would love to hear from you as I do like the idea of a game that can be played on such a small gaming surface and the terrain they have been developing is rather tasty too having seen some brilliant stuff on several oldschool blogs too!

Ratty scum

Anyhoo, I guess I should probably get myself moving as I need to leave soon so for the time being, all the best!

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