Friday, 20 March 2015

Wishlisting Part 2: Void 1.1


Well I am relaxing after a very busy day at work and thought I would put together a second episode of my games wishlist, this time another oldish title, VOID 1.1!

Void 1.1

Created not long after the demise of Warzone and Target Games, Void 1.1 was another rather interesting game with a light, almost anime inspired design aesthetic and read like a revised version of Kryomek.

The rules were streamlined and fast playing and the whole game felt very much more like a late 90's/early 00's beast. Once again humanity faced a xenos threat but instead of a Geigeresque gribbly, there was the Koralon, a kind of space slug which utilised a symbiotic link with a coral like creature to create itself skeleton, weapons and equipment.

While the alien menace was vaguely ridiculous and the sculpts were a bit on the iffy side, it was a really great game and did away with the IGOUGO turn structure so beloved of the Games Workshop stable of games and resulted in a very fluid and fun game mechanic.

While the aliens were a bit naff, the human factions were quite interesting with the Viridians being a cross between environmentalists and the Capitol megacorporation from Mutant Chronicles, the Junkers a kind of space pirate/post apocalyptic Roman legion and Syntha essentially being Cybertronic (again from Mutant Chronicles) Yes they were quite derivative, but at the same time the clean, uncluttered sculpts allowed for nice bright paintjobs and the finished pieces were really quite nice.  I even collected and painted a complete VASA force in my old Borders Books colour scheme of black and green which looked fantastic. (VASA were the international peacekeepers between the factions who went for sinister military stylings!)

A couple of years back I picked up some old Syntha figures to paint with the intention of creating a Void 1.1 revival project but alas it fell by the wayside rather quickly like so many other of my projects. I do still have a soft spot for the game though and I have been thinking of re-working it into a more hard sci-fi sort of setting by incorporating elements into the Kryomek background as the sculpts are good and do have a bit of a similar feel.

Some of the elements would need culling, such as the dinosaur riding though...

 Dinosaurs in Space!

As mentioned, I do have some of the figures painted such as this Viridian Commando chaingunner:

 Eat Lead Xenos Scum!

I must admit the idea is a rather tempting one but I must be strong and resist the temptation of buying more stuff as I am doing a good job of clearing my unpainted leadpile...

I think I need to sit down and have a ponder about some of these old projects and see if I can't breath a little life into them as I continue with the articles on the games I wish I had the time/money or space for over the next few days. Who knows, the added attention may even get me rummaging through my bits boxes to find some goodies to paint or on here blathering about background ideas!

All the best! 


  1. There are some really nice sculpts for the early Void (and later) stuff, I have a fair few minis in a box to be painted up, but I lack opponents, so haven't bothered!
    A lot of the same minis can be used for Urban War, and I may have more luck convincing people to give that a try...
    I look forward to more Void content!

  2. I think the reluctance of Scotia to move on what they have is related to this cycle too, but now I'm just speculating...