Sunday, 22 March 2015

Updates Galore!


Well my second day off in a row! Wonders will never cease apparently but I have been cracking on with lots of bits and bobs for my assorted projects so I thought I would collect everything together into a bit of a digest format here!

In the Nexus Kryomek Wars blog, I have mused on what I am planning on doing with the project. The main difficulty I have had thus far with it is that the game setting really lends itself to either very small skirmishes or massive battles. Take a peek to see what is on the cards for all manner of Xenomorphic gubbins!

Khurusan Exterminators

Hint! Its probably going to involve 15mm scale!

In The Viridian Wars, I have given a bit of an overview of what got me interested in Void 1.1 back at its release date in 2000 and a bit of a ruminate about where I am hoping to go with the project itself.

Koralon Brood

I actually had a peek through my bits box and have found a few Syntha bits and bobs and have spent some of the afternoon painting up the first two. As with my usual projects, I suspect that its going to take a fair while to work through the lot as I am loath to try and do too many at once as I will get put off. Fingers crossed though, I seem to be enjoying painting them at the moment...

Somewhere on the Border has now got a map of Aeroth complete with a description of all the main locations and a brief overview of the upcoming campaign season!


I am finding it rather refreshing to actually have a bit of order to the chaotic nature of my assorted projects. If I get these working well, I may be tempted to sort out some Pirate and Steampunk related stuff as well that I have had lying around for some time, not to mention Crucible and Vor...

Ah the joys of clearing through the bits box!

I have even made a bit of progress on my Eldar and hope to have a missile launcher toting Rogue Trader era sculpt that is getting close to completion and I have also found some more of my Deadzone Marauders that have been cleaned and ready to paint so its going to be an action packed few days I think!

All the best!

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