Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Horned Folk Army


Between my assorted tasks of yesterday, I did find the time to paint up another couple of bases for my Horned Folk army in 6mm scale:

 The force thus far

Having seen the picture I posted here the other day, I felt compelled to re-explore the project and see if I couldn't finish it off a bit and, to be honest, it gave me an excuse to stop painting buildings!

The bases of all the figures have been reworked a bit with the burnt umber edges repainted matt black to bump up the contrast a bit. I also had the chance to paint up another two stands of Minotaurs to bulk out my heavy infantry a bit:


I have been using some of my old Epic plastic Minotaurs but the single pose was a bit of a drag so I have reposed a few of them to add a bit of variety to proceedings which, when combined with the mixed colour schemes, results in a somewhat more interesting look.

Background wise, the Horned folk are one of the oldest races inhabiting Aeroth but were driven to their long slumber in mighty barrows by the Elves in the Time of Legends. The Death has re-awoken them and they have re-emerged, intent on taking back their ancestral lands to the north and east of the Axeblades.

As they are supposed to be an ancient, bronze age culture, I have given them bronze armour and weapons and steered clear of bright colours other than the odd green gemstone to give them a look of antiquity that is quite in keeping with their background.

Hopefully I will be able to finish off the last two bases of Minotaurs and six bases of Beastmen over the coming days and add the odd larger monster than the cyclops I currently have as their only warbeast!

All the best!


  1. They look great, love the banner :)

    I didn't think epic scale miniatures would fit well on 30mm lipped bases, but they really do!

    I may well pinch that idea when I get around to sorting out my Epic forces.

  2. Wow SCS, those are utterly stunning... utterly stunning. Love the bases as well. So much better than the usual rectangular stands. I might have to borrow this as an idea.