Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Fungal Forest


Just a quick update again with another piece of terrain, this time the Fungal Forest!

 A Cyclops skulks in the Fungal Forest

Constructed out of some rather fun polystyrene and prepainted eggs I picked up for £1.00 at Hobbycraft, they look quite good as alien terrain, be it somewhere in the Farpoint Sector or in the blasted wastelands of Aeroth.

 Minotaurs advance through the Fungus 

The base is made from a piece of cork tile I have had kicking around for ages and the smaller fungal outcrops are cotton buds painted to match the colour of the eggs. I was heartened to note that the cork tile didn't warp with all the glue on it so will be making more use of it as a basing material as I go.

I must admit that its been great fun to put together some terrain thats a bit different and easy to make to boot. I have enough eggs to make another half dozen forest patches of various sizes and I may have to nip back to Hobbycraft for more as they had several different colours!

Handily the terrain itself is multi scale and a mighty forest in 6mm scale becomes a confined and oppressive piece of cover in 15mm scale:

 Capitol Light Infantry on patrol 

It may not look super realistic but I do quite like the overall look and can't wait to add more pieces to my ever growing terrain collection. Hopefully I will be able to create some more unusual pieces to populate the landscape over the course of my holidays!

Martian Patrol!

Imagine a whole board covered in the things with an assortment of other, unusual bits and bobs dotted around. It would look fantastically unusual and rather in keeping with a Nausicaa style forest. I have some petrified trees to add and will see what else I can do to make things interesting for my assorted warbands.

All the best!


  1. Fantastic. Your choice of colours is a big part of it, on the pods, but also in the basing of the Epic mino-minis. I like the rough edge on the forest base as well. That's a clever solution to the issue of getting good curves, and it's an attractively stylised naturalistic look.

  2. I love these!! Though I'd probably try and eat them as they remind me of Cadburys mini-eggs..... Hmmmmm chocolate