Monday, 23 February 2015

Don't Fence Me In!


Just a quick update today as I have started my holidays from work but ironically am snowed under with things to to!

Still, I have managed to get some more scenic madness put together in the form of security fencing and a small Imperial bunker to protect my expanding outpost:

 An Imperial Bunker at the edge of the settlement

While rummaging my bits boxes, I happened across some mesh material that I had picked up from the craft bank in Worcester many moons ago. Its some sort of plastic coated nylon and looked ideal for use as a fence. With the addition of some cut off matches, lolly sticks and sand, hey presto, a security fence is born!

Capitol Trooper inspecting a suspiciously damaged piece of fence line

I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, especially as it took next to no time to put together and paint, although it seems to have retained a green sheen from the underlying plastic. It will make life interesting for warbands trying to move around my gaming table and I may yet add some small warning signs to it to let folks know its electrified...

I also produced a small bunker of the style that 2nd edition 40k fans should recognise. Its actually a potpourri box from Hobbycraft with some vision slits cut out of it and a reinforced door added using cardboard.

 Bastion 11342. Boring but useful.

The structure is also a bit modular too as I am going to add a removable gun emplacement on the roof when I have the time which will be swappable with a communication array.

I did think the structure itself was a tad dull as it lacked detail somehow so I added an Imperial Eagle to finish it off:

Three guesses who put this thing up...

Made from cereal box cardboard and rhinestone rivets, I gave it a bit of love and attention during painting to make it pop a bit and quite like the result. I do like how the texture of the box really lends itself to industrial and military style buildings too!

I seem to be making real progress with adding scenery to my games at present but still need to construct some natural touches like hills and vegetation too so will try and get some gubbins sorted out over the next few days if I have the chance!

All the best!

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  1. I'd be pleased as well - it's very definitely in that style. The fences too.