Monday, 16 February 2015

Thats A Lot Of Lead...


I got asked by Demi Morgana to post a pic or two of my full layout with all my painted 15mm scale miniatures on it so without further ado, here's my current heap o' stuff!

Lots of Tiny Gubbins!

I seem to have lost a few bits and bobs during the last couple of moves and some of them are starting to show their age and could do with a bit of a repaint but I must admit it's quite pleasing to see all of them laid out in one place!

 Mechs and vehicles defend the outpost.

I have to admit having gotten a bit nostalgic while rummaging around my collection, be it Stainless Steel Rat, Battletech or Rogue Trader, they are all fantastic little figures and I doubt that I could have ever amassed such a varied collection in 28mm scale.

Mercenary Mech hiding in the slime forest! 

One thing I do want to do is add more mechs to my collection as they look fantastic looming over the infantry in a most satisfying manner. I may even be tempted to re explore my old Battletech project too having seen what they look like again.

Goff Orks and Dark Legion

I am also rather aware that I have lots of disparate elements, random bits and bobs and small gangs but no proper army so to speak so will need to get to it and build up my forces a bit too (especially as I really want to play some games of Rogue Trader, No Limits, Gruntz, 2nd Edition 40k and a whole host of others that I fancy having a bash at!

Arbites Deploy!

I do think one of the best things about 15mm scale is that you can build a force for almost nothing with an average gang costing about £3-£4 while even a decent sized army will set you back no more than £30-£40 and the ability to add cheap toy cars to the mix as well as bargain basement terrain makes a real difference to the gamer on a microbudget such as myself!

 Crazed Cultists attack an Ort squad

Annoyingly, I seem to flit between projects with depressing regularity and still haven't quite found just where I am going with any of them. Still I do have great plans for all of them (if only I could carry them through!) and the year should see a fair amount more stuff being built and painted and my assorted fantasy projects are also starting to go somewhere too!

The Imperial Outpost in action

I must admit that this whole exercise has got the creative juices flowing again and I am going to try and get a few bits and bobs built today. I am also deeply unhappy with the gaming surface that I am using at present. It's a mighty 2'x3' which is ok for small skirmishes but not for anything bigger. I also find the rough sand a bind as it tends to wreak havoc with my paintjobs as it chips anything that gets knocked over (I don't like using varnish either!) so will be looking to use the vinyl floortiles I usually use to take pictures on. The texture is good and looks semi realistic and better yet, doesn't chip!

In the long run, I hope to upgrade the table to 4'x4' which is ideal for the sorts of game I want to play (I wouldn't say no to a 4'x5' but that may be pushing it a little in the space I have!) and will try and lay on a variety of surfaces which is a good, rather inexpensive option!

Whee! I've got myself a lot to think about but will try and temper this enthusiasm with a bit of work!

All the best!  


  1. If I wasn't knee deep in 28mm then I'd definitely go for 15mm.....for all the reasons you stated. Alas, I'm too far down this road to start again.

    Looks great.

  2. Every one a tiny gem. Beautiful painting and modeling and a very enjoyable post. I'd love to see some more battle scenes in the future.