Sunday, 1 February 2015

Industrial Decay


Well I've had a busy couple of days out and about but have managed to construct a few more bits and bobs of scenic madness in an attempt to produce enough stuff to provide me with a more visually pleasing and interesting layout for my skirmishing!

First up, here's an old storage tank, filled with some sort of no doubt highly flammable liquid that provides some much needed height to my gaming table:

Its just a toilet roll tube, some till rolls, some plastic tubing and small containers but looks half decent and took very little time to build and is inspired by my last industrial zone piece:

 Pipe Factory

The tanks top can be reached by the access ladder that runs up the side (I am actually tempted to add a few safety rails around the top and a sort of cage on the side around the ladder but it will do for the time being!)

 Rusty Ladder

I do like how it turned out and once I have a few more build from a combination of loo rolls, empty tubs and whatnot, I should have a decent, if rather hazardous place for my warbands to shoot it out in!

 Farpoint Salvage casing out an abandoned AgraX Corporate facility.

I also wanted to make some linear obstacles for my board so constructed a pipeline from till rolls and a bit of cork tile and was pleasantly surprised by how well it turned out:

 Prometheus pipeline

Eventually I plan on running it to about 4 foot long with ramps, pumping stations and access ways but I will need to collect more till roll first. I do also hope to produce some one and two size pipelines too. I must admit that I do like this piece of scenic madness as it cost me absolutely nothing to put together as the bits were all rubbish from work but the effect is rather good!

Shifty goings on

I am trying to keep it from looking too re-imagined 40k though as it is going to be doing double duty for my Aeroth Dwarves as I am planning a fortified settlement for them too as the project continues to move from the original Leviathan setting to something a bit more unusual but more on that another time!

Lastly, I spotted THIS article over on Tiny Solitary Soldiers a while back and have been dying to try it out myself so nipped out to Hobbycraft and picked up a selection of small boxes and by gosh, just laying them out on the table, I think I have the beginning of a township:

Spy drone view of Fangorn Station

I think with a little bit of work, I may even be able to create a decent Necromunda style board with the hexagonal buildings forming the basis for a number of multi storey structures interconnected with walkways. Handily the pipelines have been constructed to fit in under the lip of the box lid! I can also see them being handy for modular colonist buildings so with a more upbeat paintjob, they could easily be a science station or whatever! 

As each box comes in at something between £1.00 and £1.75, its not too expensive to build up a collection and as they are boxes, the lids can be left loose to store lots of smaller pieces of scatter terrain instantly giving me less tat kicking around to worry about! Imagine them painted bright orange and being used on a snow board as a lost science station or grubby grey and fitting in with a hive city. How about mounting them on stilts and creating an oil rig type setup. 

They really have got me thinking about what I can do with them and with suitable pieces added and paintjob, they will look a lot better and sturdier than my cardboard shanties!

Another article over on Tiny Solitary Soldiers (A blog I highly recommend folks take a peek at!) worth perusing is THIS ONE. Its suitable for 15mm or 28mm terrain building and the resulting modular construction and stacking looks great! Handily I do have a load of cork tile kicking around so will be giving it a bash to see how I get on!

Until next time, all the best!


  1. Great stuff SCS. I for one would not like to be involved in a firefight anywhere near that fuel tank!! Awesome pipeline too and a lovely jam-packed tabletop. Those boxes look to be perfect.

  2. Very good mate :) I'm pure jealous.. or jelly as the hip kids would say.

  3. I think I'll steal that pipeline idea for 28mm, simple but very effective. You could even make up different elbows joints, to make elaborate pipeline designs.

    Very good :)