Thursday, 19 February 2015

Scatter Terrain and Walkways...


Well I am about to head out to work for a late night shift involving an author signing (James Oswald who is a top chap as well as a bestselling crime writer!) but thought I'd post up a quick couple of pics of my latest scenic test pieces!

 The Growing Imperial Outpost

I've managed to put together a walkway from some cork tile, cereal box card and some small MDF bases to give me an extra level of mobility for my warbands to fight over and am quite pleased with it thus far. I will be adding several more over the next few days and hope to add a third module to the base itself too. After that, I think I am going to have to nip into Hobbycraft again and pick up some more boxes as I am loving the hexagonal module design and have literally dozens of possible designs to develop!

I have also put together some scatter terrain for gangs to skulk around behind or loot from a variety of sources:
Boxes, Barrels and Pipes!

In the true spirit of the budget gamer, they are all cheap materials too. The bases are from Kallistra that I picked up eons ago for a long forgotten project, the pipes were found in my local craft bank when I lived in Worcester (they had tons of great stuff and I wish I had access to something similar in Scotland and I would highly recommend any wargamer to find their local one as you can get so much fantastic stuff for almost nothing!). The Barrels are made from short lengths of plastic rod with thin paper strips glued on to give them the rims and a small rhinestone for a plug thingy.

The crates are made from 20mm square lasercut MDF bases I picked up from Warbases a few years back, glued together and wrapped with thin strips of paper. I am seriously thinking of getting some 10mm and 15mm ones too as they make really simple little crates without costing the earth!

I must admit that I seem to have been bitten by the terrain building bug and am really enjoying taking a break from just painting miniatures but do hope to get back to the tiny lead fellows soon.

Speaking of which, I have been putting a lot of thought into my proposed Leviathan revamp and have decided to switch it down a scale or two. I had originally planned on doing the whole thing in 15mm scale but have realised its going to be rather time consuming, not to mention expensive so am going to move to 6mm instead.

Horned Folk Warband

I think that seeing the picture above again seems to have persuaded me to be honest, I like the look of it and Microworld has some cracking figures that would allow me to play quite large forces on a small surface and field some really big beasts and warengines (imagine a fantasy version of Epic!). It would also allow me to indulge in a bit of oldhammer inspired fun by creating some nice big banners for the commanders of various units and character models. I will also be able to churn out some big beasts without spending untold ages sculpting them all which is a real plus. 

Hopefully I will get chance to write up some background and force outlines over the coming days as well as post some pics of sketches I have been producing for the assorted armies, warengines and warbeasts!

Worry not though! I do plan on continuing the 15mm scale fantasy and sci-fi stuff as I do also want to depict skirmishes in both my alternative Imperium and Aeroth!

All the best!


  1. Oooh, love that 6mm stuff. Nice sci-fi terrain too.

  2. Everything looks fantastic, your dedication to the 6mm is maniacal but it looks great. I love your structures and scatter terrain looks as though it would be ideal for all games systems.

  3. Hi!

    The giant is actually from 4A Miniatures and is a really lovely Paul Muller sculpt!

    Apologies for the mixup!