Sunday, 15 February 2015

Imperial Hab Module


I've been working away on expanding my Imperial complex a bit and have finished a new addition, the Hab Module:

The Hab Module

It's a fairly straight forward piece of work to produce with the windows being cut out of the box and surrounded by some thin cardboard. I added some rivets to add some small details using some stick on rhinestones.


As with the modular design of the rest of the structures, the Hab Module can be attached to the rest of the complex in a variety of different ways giving me a bit of flexibility with layouts. I was originally going to go for a more traditional window colour but thought the purple was a bit more interesting!

 Double Decker anyone?

I realised after construction that it might of been a bit of a plan to line up the staircase a bit between modules. Still with a bit of cardboard I could add a small platform that runs round the edge of the modules which can be added when needed to add an extra level between the buildings to give me lots of handy places for assorted neerdowells to hide.

Imperial Complex

Hopefully I will be able to keep adding bits and bobs over the course of the coming weeks but want to try and add some more scatter terrain as my gangs could do with more places to hide behind while being shot at!

All the best!


  1. Great work again. I really like the flexible modular setup. Like you I'd noticed the un-aligned ladders, but your solution of having a ledge will only add the the firing positions on the table - so brilliant!!

    1. Hi!

      Glad you like it! I hope to have a bash at building the balcony tonight and will be painting up some scatter terrain and the walkway test piece I constructed on my last day off too!

      All the best!