Tuesday, 3 June 2014

How To Warhammer Progress Report


Well its once again my day off work and before I am herded off to tidy the flat and go get the shopping, I thought I should post a bit of an update on my progress with the How To Warhammer Challenge.

In case folks haven't heard of it, the challenge was to use readily available and cheap figures to create a Warhammer 3rd edition army of 21 figures initially. Possibly somewhat foolishly, I decided to go for a Slann warband in 15mm scale.

After a bit of pondering, I settled on the East Riding Miniatures Frog Folk and ordered a small parcel before beginning work on converting the little amphibians into a more Aztec themed army. This included adding sashes, head dresses and lots of small details to make them look the part of an ancient Slann army and give some variety to the sculpts themselves, especially as each pack only had two poses!)

With a little persistance, I painted up the first ten members of the warband, the archer braves who were soon followed by my warchief:

Sadly, progress ground to a halt as I discovered why I stopped playing Warhammer back in the day. Painting lots of figures the same colour and in very similar poses is really boring! Needless to say, I downed tools and became distracted by painting up something a bit different which has morphed into my current Rogue Trader project which I am enjoying immensely.

That still leaves the problem of me having a half completed project. On my latest perusal of my painting table, I realised that I really should finish the project I had started as it would allow me to play some small scale games of Warhammer.

Realising I had been in danger of burning myself out with the attempt to paint all my Slann at once, I have settled for a more cautious approach and have primed five of my converted warriors and hope to paint them this evening before taking a break and painting something else to break up the monotony. I even have a couple of bits and bobs raked out from my lead pile which will make nice additions to the little force once I have it completed and then, just maybe, I might even buy a few more to expand my warband as I would love to add a magic user, a second close combat unit and some sort of elite unit to give me a more balanced force...

All the best!

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  1. Well, they look jolly nice. I like the yellowy-orange you've chosen, and the sapphire on the warchief is great.
    The concept of burnout over repeated models is an interesting one; I usually don't like production-line painting, but recently I've found it a good way to get painting when I can't muster the mental energy for a complex individual.

    Having a number of unrelated projects has worked nicely to let me 'feed the muse' when it strikes – whether that's some rote painting, a fun bit of freehand or trying out a new technique. :)