Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Rogue Xenos!


I've just finished painting an old Mindflayer that I picked up in a wargames stores 2nd hand box a few years back and thought he would make a fine addition to my space pirate crew so without further ado here's a bit of background on the notorius Yggotho Tokot!

Yggotho Tokot: Villain with style!

No one is sure exactly what species Yggotho is but he appeared as one of the henchmen of the villainous space pirate captain Midas Blackstar some time ago and his unique abilities have come in very handy. 

A powerful Psyker, Yggotho has the ability to invade the minds of others, steal information and even exert control of them. Midas has used this uncanny talent to discover the scheduled routes of Imperial shipping and the patrols of the navy. A more insidious use for Yggotho's powers allow him to control the many slaves that Midas captures and keep them docile before delivering them to the Pharon.

Yggotho himself is quite the clothes horse, wearing only the finest robes, finest shoes and when not devouring the brains of his unfortunate victims, he can be found shopping for a new wardrobe in the many boutique stores that dot the galaxy. The fact that he is a hideous, slimy octopus headed freak doesn't seem to have occurred to him and he always attempts to dress in the latest of villain chique.

I do like the miniature itself and it took virtually no time at all to paint. I especially love his little baggy thing that he is carrying around which I am guessing is either his purse or juju bag.

Hopefully I will be able to add some more fantasy gubbins into my Rogue Trader warbands soon!
All the best!

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  1. I painted up my Reaper Mind Flayer to use in my Inquisimunda games and perhaps in a Rogue Trader rpg campaign if I can ever get my bum in gear and read the rules that is....

    Love the shading on his skin. Classic sculpt.