Sunday, 15 June 2014

Abandoned Water Processor


I'm getting my holiday underway with some scenics for my games as well as getting on with painting some figures so without further ado, here's the pics!

Farpoint is still a frontier world and despite it being the sectors capitol world, it is underdeveloped and very rough around the edges. At some point in the past, before the great rebellion, the original settlers of Farpoint began work on terraforming the dry, desert world into a more suitably water rich planet but progress stalled with the breakdown in stellar travel following the rebellion.

Even now as the Imperium begins expanding out again, the high technology that the core sectors enjoy is still only arriving on the frontier at a trickle and replacing and updating the vast, subterranean atmospheric processors on Farpoint are way down the list of priorities. Subsequently, the planet is littered with rusted pipe farms, junked machinery and abandoned settlements.

Despite this, the boom in mining on the planet has led to many of these relics being scavenged and put back to use and the abandoned water processor that sits on the outskirts of Dirt has been retrofitted and several of the wells that supply it with artesian water are once again beginning to operate to supply the township with much needed fresh water.

As a natural gathering point for the town, the processor has been used as an impromptu news stand where locals can read about the goings on from the town, planet and even sector as well as posting notices of their own. It is also used by the local authorities as a wanted notice post.

Wanting to find out about the news in the Farpoint Sector or just looking for your lost cat?  

Pudding cultists also post advertisements for the dubious pleasures of their weird religion.

 A Catachan pauses to read the daily rag

Constructed from some old till rolls and assorted plastic gubbins, the processor gives me some much needed high scenics that looks suitably abandoned while the base just has some cardboard patches with some polyfilla roughly applied before being flocked and painted!

The next piece I plan on building involves a few storage tanks as well as the town of Dirt itself but I need to keep painting more figures to flesh out my warbands before I go any further and speaking of which, here's another Catachan, this time the squads support trooper with his trusty heavy bolter:

 Eat Lead!

He's originally a Void 1.1 Viridian Commando but fits in very nicely as a Catachan trooper, being suitably muscled and with similar kit. Here's a pic of the squad so far:

While not quite as muscular as his brethren, he does it in rather well and gives me a much needed heavy weapon that doesn't rely on the silly wheeled weapons that the Catachans are usually equipped with.

I am hoping to have the full squad of 8 done by the end of my holiday as well as several more pieces of scenery. I am also on the lookout for some suitable civilians to act as random events and background characters in games. I may also have to put together a Viridian facility for my Catachans to defend but thats probably getting ahead of myself!

All the best!

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