Friday, 27 June 2014

Non Oldschool Gubbins


While I've really been enjoying my jaunt into oldschool miniature gaming, I've taken a bit of a hankering for trying out something a bit more modern and there are two games that have really caught my eye.

The first is Dark Age, a post apocalyptic skirmish game set in the far future on a planet that has been abandoned by a vast empire and its inhabitants must fight to survive amongst the ruins.

Originally inspired by the art of Brom, its a rather interesting setting with lots of weird and wonderful characters, races and factions and by all accounts is also a really good system too.

 A large plus is the fact that the rules and even the forcelists are available freely online and the miniatures themselves aren't too shabby either in a grubby sort of way and there are also several really interesting races to choose from, each with their own very different look and style.


Similarly its a skirmish game so I wouldn't need a vast number of figures to get myself going and with a little work it could also tie in nicely with my ongoing oldschool Rogue Trader project, representing some long forgotten planet outwith the Imperium that has had to survive by itself since losing contact with human space during the long dark ages.

The other option I am looking at is Infinity, a game set just over 100 years in humanities future and featuring a more high tech and anime inspired sort of look which I am rather fond of and thats a bit of a change from the grittier look of Rogue Trader and Dark Age

Again the rules and stat cards for units are available online and the system is apparently utterly brilliant too with a very cinematic style of play and are free which is a boon.

The miniatures are top notch, with a range of very dynamic looking sculpts with lots of variety of forces, races and units that could really make for a great game. Admittedly some of the poses are a bit OTT and the figures come in a lot of different pieces that then need pinning but looking at the finished pics, it could well be worth the effort.

I've heard some rather mixed reviews of the rules as they were originally in Spanish and the translation is a tad ropey in places but with the release of 3rd edition imminent, I suspect that they will be rather well done this time. Another plus to the rules are that they are based around a scenario driven game rather than a straight up battle with small groups of characters battling it out to secure objectives, hack computer terminals and so forth!

I must admit that both have a great deal of appeal to me but rather than jumping in without thought, I am going to do some research to check out reviews of rules, figures and so on so if anyone has any experience with either system, I'd love to hear your views!

All the best!

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  1. Infinity is a ton of fun. If u are into the anime style the YU-JING are great. Ninja teams, motorcycles a la Akira and exo suit armored elites are all available. Of course I am biased as they are my chosen faction :)