Saturday, 7 June 2014

How to Warhammer: Slann Braves


I've knuckled under and finished painting the first five of my 15mm scale Slann braves so without further ado, here's a picture!

Slann Braves

Handily this leaves me with only another five to go to complete the opening phase of the How To Warhammer project that several bloggers have been working on to show just how easy it is to get a playable and good looking force for games of Oldhammer without having to spend a fortune on classic figures.

I must admit I wish I had cracked on with the project sooner but hey ho, its now getting there and I must admit my golden army of Slann are beginning to look fantastic and as mentioned in a previous post, I am beginning to think about adding some new additions which I have in my bits box.

The Slann braves are all converted to some extent, be it the addition of plumes, loincloths or padded shirts of armour and all of them have been given a weapon swap which is my attempt at representing bronze swords of an alien design.

Eagle eyed viewers may have spotted that the base edges are black rather than the dark brown of my other Slann and I must admit it looks so much better so I will be re-doing the archers and hero's bases when I get the time but it can wait for the moment!

In other news, I have primed another four Catachans which will round out the squad to a point where they are playable as a skirmish force and I've also just about finished repainting one of the hideous old plastic Goliath gangers which came with the first edition of Necromunda who will be adding to the ranks of my scurvy pirate crew presently.

Hopefully more updates to follow within the next couple of days but I'm about to head out to work so all the best!

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