Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Lost Fleet: Dauntless


I've just finished reading the first book in the Lost Fleet Series by Jack Campbell and must say its been a cracking read too!

The book is set in a time of war between two rival human empires which has run on for over a century. Thrust into the centre of things is Captain "Black Jack" Geary, a legendary hero who has been thought dead for over a century but has been discovered, alive in a life support pod on the scene of his last stand.

The book begins with the aftermath of a crushing defeat of the Alliance fleet by the Syndics and its up to Jack, a reluctant legend to save what he can of the fleet and escape by to Alliance territory with a piece of vital tech that may lead to the Alliance getting the edge in the conflict and finally bringing around an end to the war.

During his absence, a legend has built about the exploits of Black Jack and he is regarded with awe by much of his crews, much to his dismay and he also finds the navy changed drastically from his day. Training and experience have slipped to such a perilous state due to the crushing war of attrition and fleet tactics involve charging in guns blazing and hoping for the best. Similarly, no prisoners are ever taken and Jack discovers that the Alliance has sunk to the level of the Syndics.

Set amongst all this chaos, Jack must re-forge the fleet and get it home and this book is rather good fun to read too with a good combination of action and politicking as he tries to give the fleet a new sense of purpose, honour and tactical awareness while some of the captains under his command seem hellbent on causing mayhem.

There's enigmatic hints of an unknown alien influence and the battles are well described and the setting is also interesting and really makes me want to get the next book and start reading as I want to know what happens next and find out more of the setting and how the characters develop as the story progresses.

I'd recommend picking up a copy and giving it a read as its not greatly challenging but well worth a peruse if commuting or on lunch breaks!

Its also an interesting concept for gaming too as what would a legend from the 40k setting think if they were defrosted in my re-imagined universe? Needless to say I may steal a Black Jack for my games!

All the best!

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