Thursday, 27 February 2014

Blood Axe Ork Nob!


Well its my day off and I have finished another figure! Wonders will apparently never cease.

 Blood Axe Nob

Its another of the Mantic Marauders and I must admit the designs are really growing on me, despite the time taken to paint them. Theres been some slight conversion work on him, namely the addition of a classic Orky Bolter, sergeants stripes and a new optic for his bionic eye.

 Two Guns Are Better Than One!

I also went for a 30mm round base to help make him stand out as a leader figure and I do think it looks better, even when compared to the other Mantic Marauder I currently have painted who looked almost too big for his base.

The Squad Thus Far

I must admit the painting project has been quite a lot of fun, despite its snail like pace and I only need to paint up a few more to round out the squad but haven't finished with the Ripper Suit yet as its a real beast and its been a little problematic as some of the resculpted elements I added to it don't quite look right when painted so will be getting a little revision before completion!

Hopefully I will have one or two more figures finished over the course of the weekend and I have also had my Eldar purchases soaking in dettol for a couple of weeks now so look forward to getting them stripped and who knows, I may have some Eldar to show too!
All the best! 


  1. He looks great. You are doing a really solid job on these guys.

    Im very interested in how a Ripper suit will look in this scheme. Is it a Rainmaker or a Mauler?

  2. You're doing a great job with the painting project. I think you chose right with the 30mm base. Nice paint job as well. I love the colour scheme

    Table Top Revolution

  3. Great painjob! Really like the blue/black camo! /Hans