Thursday, 6 February 2014

Elven House Helios Axeman


Just a  quick update this morning as we are heading out to Loch Lomond for a day out!

Following on from my post yesterday, I have finished up a second 28mm scale Elf. Wonders will apparently never cease as it too has turned out quite nicely!

Elven Axeman

He's a Dragonelf originally produced by Heartbreaker Miniatures and picked up in Macs Models back in the late 90s and painted pretty badly. He since has been sat in a box for over a decade having been stripped with the intention of repainting him. 

I must admit I didn't start out with the intention of giving him such bright gloves but I think it really works and the miniature itself is absolutely lovely. I have a few more kicking around somewhere and I am actually looking forward to painting them up too. 

The use of the black primer followed by a drybrush of grey and white really seems to be working for me at the moment and I am considering using it to paint up the rest of the stuff I have kicking around in my unpainted lead pile!

In other news, I will be posting another blog entry this evening with an aim to sorting out what I am doing with my two blogs but more on that later this evening!

All the best!

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  1. Yep, I agree with Paul, I'd be a very chuffed wee bunny if I was churning out quality paint like that. Stop gurning and paint more!