Monday, 3 February 2014

Oldhammer Skirmish?


As much as I am enjoying my 15mm scale Slann Warband, I still find myself perusing some of the Oldhammer blogs and gazing with envy at the fantastic 28mm scale miniatures contained within.

I still have a decent sized bits box kicking around which is heaped full of 28mm lead but haven't managed to find any way to inspire myself into painting them.

In fact, looking back at my blog, I haven't managed to paint any 28mm scale gubbins since these fellows over a year ago:

 Chaos Warriors

I have been thinking about the possibility of using the likes of Warhammer Quest or Advanced Heroquest to get me going but even that seems to have failed to get me to do much more than have a rummage around in the vague hopes of finding something to paint to get me started.

Sadly this hasn't really worked as my 15mm painting has kept me very much entertained instead which brings me onto the reason for my rambling blog entry. I have been wondering about the feasibility of using the 3rd edition Warhammer rules in conjunction with Mordheim to create some very characterful little warbands that will give me the push I need to paint up some of my stuff that is currently sitting unpainted in a box.

 Dark Elf 

Re-reading both Mordheim and the older Warhammer rulebooks, theres lots of really interesting concepts that would be great fun to expand upon but some of the forces, especially the likes of the Undead are a bit too powerful (why have a Vampire as the leader and then arm him with a halberd, a singularly unvampire like weapon!)

Therefore, I plan on using the basic rules of Mordheim but with an Oldhammer mod to create some more interesting warbands and see what I can come up with. I am also thinking of setting the action amongst the chaotic Border Princes which form the southern border of the Empire. This will give me plenty of opportunities to play around with the ever shifting factions and petty warlords who rule of this lawless region.


Hopefully I will have some success in rummaging the bits boxes and see what I can find!

All the best!

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