Thursday, 6 February 2014

In The Pipeline!


Well our trip to Loch Lomond was excellent and a much needed break from painting stuff and pootling around the house.

While driving around, I have had some time to think on what I want to do with my two gaming blogs, Tales From Farpoint and Tales From Aeroth.

Having rediscovered my painting mojo while getting the man cave in order has made me take stock of what I am going to be doing in the year ahead. Looking at the space I have and what I have been enjoying painting, I find myself with two main projects.

Firstly, my 15mm stuff over on Aeroth has been giving me great satisfaction and I still have lots of stuff to do with the setting and the assorted races that it contains.


With the amount of space I have, theres no real way to play 28mm scale games, even at skirmish level in my room so I am going to have to face facts and stick to 15mm for playing games. I have a 2x3 foot board put together which equates to a 6x4 in 28mm so should be big enough to cope with skirmishes and even decent sized battles and I am aiming towards having enough stuff painted up by the end of next month to try out a game of Warhammer 3rd edition! 

Its going to be a small battle, probably between Dwarves and Orcs but it gives me something to work towards and I have a fair number of bits and bobs kicking around that will be seeing action in Aeroth.

Now onto this blog! 

As I've already mentioned, I seem to have regained my enjoyment of painting 28mm scale but not the space to game it. Therefore, I plan on working through my lead pile and painting up what bits and bobs I have simply for the fun of it. Maybe at some future point I will be able to get some games of Mordheim or even Rogue Trader so I am not going to get downhearted about it!

 More Dwarves!!

Not only am I going to try and flesh out my fantasy warbands, I also hope to paint up some oldish figures for my Necromunda/Rogue Trader/ In the Emperors Name warbands as I have a hankering to put together a few small parties of assorted bits and bobs including Inquisitorial hit teams, Hive Gangers and even the odd Genestealer cult!

Imperial Guard Killteam 

The variety should keep me from getting bored and I look forward to painting some of the stuff that has been sitting unloved and forgotten in a box for far too long. 

All the best!

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