Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Bloodaxe Mega Armour!


Well its taken long enough but I have finally finished the Ripper Suited Marauder for use with my Bloodaxe warband!


Its been a titanic job to get him finished but I must admit I am rather pleased with the results. I replaced his main gun for an Orky bolter and reworked some of his armour including adding a new breastplate, reworked helmet and lots of badges not to mention new boots.

I had even added a back banner for a proper Ork look but ended up removing it as it just didn't look right with the sculpt. I do like the combination of tech and savagery that the figure has and he's just the thing for breaching ships during boarding actions or mixing it up in melee.

In hindsight, I should have probably added some sort of underslung hand flamer to his chainfist to give him a bit more close range firepower but I am quite happy with the amount of work I did on him. I do have a second Ripper Suit which will be seeing use as a heavy weapons platform at some point but as I now have four Bloodaxes finished with another half dozen or so to go but want to take a break from the greenskins and paint up something else for a change as the Mega Armour really took it out of me to finish.
1st Mordor Rifles

Painting up this small band has got me thinking of what I want to do with them and perusing my copy of Inquisitor, Inquisimunda, In The Emperors Name and so on for some inspiration. Likewise the utterly fantastic Gorkamorka stuff being posted over on THE CHICKEN NINJAS BLOG such as these chaps:

The Chicken Ninjas Ork Boyz

I must admit I am sorely tempted to build up some more gangs to allow me to play out some mayhem in the badlands and frontier worlds that comprise the Farpoint Sector!

All the best!

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  1. This new marauder is splendid, now time for action for the band !

    Oh and I love the MJ pose of the 2nd ork in the 2nd picture!