Saturday, 1 February 2014

Dwarven Mountain Son


Well I am now officially on a weeks holiday so can crack on with some painting and to get the ball rolling, heres a new addition to my Dwarven force, the Mountain Son:

Mountain Son

High in the Axeblades, a race of giants have lived since the Age of Legends. Hidden in their high valleys, they are known as the Mountain Sons and have served as heavy infantry for the Dwarves for centuries. Although few in number, they are doughty warriors who enter battle wearing heavy plate armour and wielding heavy hammers and axes.

They also find employment in the great subterranean Dwarven forges where their massive strength and skill with metalworking makes them much sought by the Engineering Guild.

Dwarven Troops

Originally a 28mm scale Dwarf from Mantic Games, I have reworked his helmet and beard so it looks a bit less cartoony and I must admit he looks quite good as an ogre sized humanoid in 15mm scale. I plan on building up a unit of five or six of them as time allows to act as an elite regiment of the forces of Dur Zamor.

I have also finished off another human crossbowman for my Pinecliff force, this time wearing one of the immediately pieces of armour worn by the defenders of this lonely outpost.

Pinecliff Crossbowmen

I am slowly working my way through my unpainted 15mm scale stuff and should have about half a dozen decent little warbands put together over the coming months which should allow me to get some games played!

Demonic Attack! 

I've also got some quick shots of my 6mm stuff in action and really want to get some Dwarf infantry sorted out so that I can get some games in featuring some larger confrontations than possible with my 15mm scale stuff!

A Horned Folk warband is confronted by a lone Dwarven Wargolem

I do like how this project is turning out, I only wish I had more time to work on it as the results thus far have been really promising and it would be great to feature some larger battles such as the Orcish assault on the Great Wall in the Axebite Pass or some epic confrontation between the Elves and Northern Barbarians!
Cursed flesh versus Dwarven steel

Hopefully over this week of holidays, I will be able to crack on with getting some stuff done as I am really enjoying my hobby again and the world of Aeroth still has lots to reveal!
All the best!

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