Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Oldhammer Skirmish Part 2, Elven Leader


Well after all my humming and hahing, I finally took the plunge and painted up a 28mm figure last night and to my immense surprise, he turned out quite nicely!

Elven Leader

He's originally from Grenadier I think and I have had him for years now. Originally painted back in the day, stripped and painted again before being stripped once again and primed last year, he's been through the wars a bit and theres a few rough bits showing on the figure once he's been painted but I have finally painted a 28mm scale figure and been reasonably happy with the result.

I had primed him black and given him a drybrush of mid grey and then white following an article I spotted over on Kings Miniatures a while back but he then sat in a box for a considerable time. Maybe its this technique that works for me as he almost seemed to paint himself and was done in about 90 minutes.

Buoyed by this success, I then tried to paint a Chainmail Orcy figure but gave up halfway as the finish was terrible. Maybe it was the black primer or just a more modern miniature but I found this terribly disheartening. 

This morning I have rummaged out a few Wood Elves that have been in my collection for just as long as this chap and plan on trying the same technique again to see if it works again. If so I should have a small warband of some of the classic figures I have had for about 15 years or so repainted to a standard I am actually happy with!

In other news, my Slann warband is nearing priming with just a couple more small details to add before the paint is applied!

All the best!

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  1. I wouldn't give up with the 28mm, the figure looks great. You just need to adjust your technique for the bigger dudes. Try painting a 54mm fig then move back down to 28! That'll put it perspective!