Saturday, 1 February 2014

Slann Warband Part 5


As promised heres a few pics of my finished warchief for my Slann Oldhammer project!

Slann Warchief with greatclub

I must admit I rather went to town with him with the conversions as his club, shield, loincloth and headdress are all new additions. He also took quite a bit of extra time to paint but as he will be the leader of my fledgling army, he really looks the part of a wild savage!

Looking at the photos, there are a few rough spots that could do with a little more work but to be honest I doubt I will bother as on the table he looks absolutely fine. I think if I was to do him again, I would probably add an ornate back banner to really make him stand out a little more, just as the Aztec heros did when they went to war but as he is from a rather savage frontier tribe, I think the gear he has is fine.

 Headdress Detail

Sculpting all the little details was great fun and its really inspired me to try something a little special on my next character who will be a magic user to give my Slann a bit of extra muscle.

If you look closely at his base, theres a fly/beetle sat next to him, its the original tip of his staff and I've included it on his base. Sadly once the base was completed, he kind of blends in a bit much so I may have to add some different colours to the tiny fellow to make him stand out again.

The Warband So Far

As you can see, the warband is really coming together and its hard to believe that there are only three different miniature poses in the photo. I am really loving the sculpts as with just a little conversion, they really look the bees knees!

I also have the first five of my close combat troops converted and almost ready to prime. All they need are a few feathers and the odd headdress to finish them off before painting commences and that will only leave me with the last five to do and the initial challenge will be complete!

All the best!

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