Sunday, 20 March 2011

Further Ruleset Musings


I have been having a bit more of a ponder over my assortment of rulesets as I now have over thirty to choose from. Covering everything from the smallest skirmish up to huge campaigns that encompass the entire world.
I have a ruleset to cover just about every eventuality but the background settings are also providing rich pickings. For example, Leviathan has the post apocalyptic setting I have enjoyed so much, Bladestorm and Crucible have an element of exploration, while all of them have forces that are original and interesting.

This has got me thinking about the possibility of merging forces, settings and ideas into something a bit different. Why cant Elves from Leviathan cross the path of Firstborn humans from Chronopia or Sea Trolls from Bladestorm or even some Briny Rogues from Strange Grogge?

The answer is of course theres nothing to stop me from having a go! Therefore I will be creating a series of warbands in 15mm scale to cover all sorts of forces that catch my fancy. It may take me away from the Leviathan setting to a certain extent but at the same time Aeroth is a big enough place to incorporate just about any force one can think of.

The same holds true for the settings. The Sea Of Storms which lies to the west of Aeroth could easily conceal a plethora of islands and continents ranging from Crucible to the Bladelands!

As you can see theres quite a choice of stuff for me to be getting on with and its giving me some really interesting ideas for how I want to progress with the project. It also gives me the excuse to try out lots of other games and sculpt, collect and paint more miniatures!

All the best!

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