Sunday, 27 March 2011

A Free Warband In A Day Part 2


Well I am preparing to have another bash at making an entire warband in a day. Having had time to think about it I have realised that making an entire force in a day is going to be a bit difficult so have come up with a revised plan.

Looking at my blog stats, the fantasy aerial combat topic is one of the most read. Therefore I've decided to have a go at sculpting up the beginnings of a 15mm scale flyer force.

I had originally planned on making them in 6mm scale but have decided that 15mm is far more fun! The plan is to initially sculpt it for use in Song Of Blades but then gradually update it with new sculpts over the next couple of weeks to enable me to play Fantasy Flyers!

The Leviathan Setting has the Orcs using Darkwings, nasty reptilian scavengers in a role of scout and flying skirmisher. Therefore I plan on having a go at producing a themed force based on them.


As you can see the Dark Wing concept was produced but never made which gives me something to work from but it still leaves me with a question mark about how I am going to depict the whole force.

After a litte thought I realised that to produce all the members of the warband mounted would make for a very small force in Song of Blades. Therefore I have decided to sculpt two Darkwings and an assortment of infantry!

Looking at the rulebook I am using the Small Dragon stat for the Darkwings so the force will consist of the following:

Orc Commander 45 points.
Darkwing 80 points
Darkwing 80 points
Orc Warrior 23 points
Orc Warrior 23 points
Orc Archer 29 points
Goblin Sneak 20 points

This will give me nine miniatures to try and sculpt with a nice range of subjects including large monsters, orcs and even a goblin minion!

It will also give me the opportunity to work on getting my Orcs to look right and give my Dwarves something else to fight.

Step one will be to get the armatures done which shouldn't take too long, followed by the sculpting which will, I suspect take much of the day. I doubt I will get everything finished but hope to get a decent amount sorted!

I will post an update as soon as the armatures are done!

All the best!

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