Saturday, 19 March 2011

An Updated Map Part 7


Well my plan to complete the map yesterday has fallen through some what as I've spent all my time at work!

Still I have managed to get some better photos of the work in progress map:

Perspective Overview


Theres actually an escarpment and raised level created by cutting out some cork tiles in the same shape as the hexes and using them as an underlay. This effect will be used further if I ever get to the point of adding some ocean in!


Created from small pieces of balsa wood, a bit of green stuff and some thin plasticard.

Plain Hex

The basic hex was bought untextured from WARBASES and measures 50mm across the flat edges. I textured it with some acrylic texturing medium and after a few drybrushes it turned out rather nicely!

Road Hex

The roads are simply carved into the MDF hex with a cheap carving tool I picked up for a university project years ago!

Forest Hex

I am really pleased with how the forest hexes turned out. I dabbed a bit of brown paint onto a basic hex and began gluing short lengths of pipe cleaner that I had dunked in paint and then shaped a little to it. This looks good but takes quite a lot of time to do so I cheated a little and added some scenic texturing!

The map itself will get finished soon but university work is beckoning! I hope to expand the map soon with some volcanic tiles, rivers, lakes and swamp/fens!

Looking at my to do list, I now have two less things to work on. The map and the boar company are almost complete and just need a few finishing touches and I will be able to move on with my next task!

All the best!

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