Sunday, 6 March 2011

Addicted To Books!


I made the mistake of picking up my old copy of Pawn of Prophesy by David Eddings with the intention of reading it during my lunch break at work. Alas I am now half way through book 2 and have not got anything else done!

Pawn Of Prophesy

On the plus side it has given me some ideas for a bit of a side project to collect each of the characters from the books, along with an assortment of minions and men at arms. To be honest its something I have wanted to have a go at for years now in 28mm scale but with my recent conversion to 15mm I will be giving it a go in that scale!

It shouldn't be too time consuming and it will give me some handy forces for Leviathan too! For example the Chereks are a race of Norse lookalikes who will be perfect for some of my barbarians, while the evil doers, the Murgos are perfect for minions of the Fallen and the Arends are heavily armoured knights who will also form the basis for my Knights of the Eternal Light!

I am hoping to place a small order for some assorted bits and bobs today! Updates to follow!

All the best!

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