Friday, 4 March 2011

Fallen Gloom Hulk


Heres a quick picture of the Fallen Gloom Hulk:

Gloom Hulk

Another repainted Gromiti toy, this time I had to do a little work on it though by reposing its wings.

The Gloom Hulk is one of the larger Fallen. Its hugely muscled body is heavily armoured with bony plates and it has a limited flying ability with its spined wings. In some sort of diabolic process its hands have been removed and replaced with a pair of dark metal talons.

These talons are not only fearsome close combat weapons as the Gloom Hulk has the ability to project bolts of dark fire from them making it a serious threat in both close combat and at a range.

All in all I am quite pleased with how it turned out although it is still a bit cartoony looking. The Gloom Hulk will make an interesting foe for my Boar Company to face. I am thinking of making it a horde of evil minions to do its bidding, possibly some sort of albino to contrast with its dark bulk.

All the best!

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